Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune
By David Finkle · Aug 8, 2002
Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts:Stanley Tucci and Edie Falco(Photo: Joan Marcus) Desperation and depression are two states of mind that ...
A Different Man
By Dan Bacalzo · Aug 8, 2002
Different Men: Jo Benincasa and Dared Wright (Photo: R. Goldstein) A Different Man suffers from a genre identity crisis. It starts o
Harlem Song
By Brooke Pierce · Aug 7, 2002
Queen Esther and B.J. Crosby in Harlem Song (Photo: Michal Daniel) If you've been looking for an excuse to finally visit the world famous Apollo Theater, he
Only the End of the World
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Aug 7, 2002
Sandra Shipley and Michael Emersonin Only the End of the World(Photo: Bill Strong) The American theater has wrestled with the specter of AIDS in all manner of ...
A Little Night Music
By Michael Toscano · Aug 5, 2002
Isn't it rich? John Dossett and Blair Brownin A Little Night Music(Photo: Joan Marcus) Washington, D.C. A Little Night Music, the final full-fledged ...
All My Sons
By Dan Bacalzo · Jul 30, 2002
(l. to r.) Brian Hutchison, Daniel J. Travanti, Robin Pearson Rose,and Melinda Page Hamilton (in doorway) in All My Sons (Photo: Craig Schwartz)
Psychotherapy Live!
By Adam Klasfeld · Jul 29, 2002
Lisa Levy plays doctor in Psychotherapy Live! She may not be a doctor, but she plays one on the stage. And for the price of admissio
I'm Not Rappaport
By David Finkle · Jul 26, 2002
Frumpy old men. Judd Hirsch and Ben Vereen in I'm Not Rappaport (Photo: Patrick Farrell) Curmudgeons are a constant source of amusement for ticket buyers; c
By Dan Bacalzo · Jul 25, 2002
Her Holiness:Alan Cumming stars as the Pope in Genet's Elle(Photo: Francis Hills) Alan Cumming as Pope? In the Art Party's production of Jean Genet's Ell
Transparency of Val
By Adam Klasfeld · Jul 24, 2002
(l. to r.) Jonathan Green and Karl Herlinger in Transparency of Val (Photo: Suzanne Sutcliffe) Some two thousand years ago in ancie