The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow
This uneven yet thought-provoking play by Rolin Jones mixes equal parts of science fiction and dysfunctional family drama.
Miracle Brothers
David Finkle weighs in on Kirsten Childs' new Brazilian-flavored musical.
The London-based ensemble Improbable has fashioned an enthralling theater piece that simultaneously celebrates and deconstructs the creative process.
The Learned Ladies of Park Avenue
David Grimm's modern-day Molière adaptation is a wonderfully witty romp.
The Blowin of Baile Gall
Ato Essendoh and Colin Hamell in The Blowin of Baile Gall Photo © Carol Rosegg Brit-pop icon Morrissey infamously skewered Englis
Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit
Megan Lewis is the standout star of the new edition of Gerard Alessandrini's long-running parody series.
Edward II
The Creative Mechanics give Brecht's adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's play an imperfectly realized production.
The Breadwinner
Virginia Kull and Jack Gilpin in The Breadwinner (Photo © Theresa Squire) Men who abandon their wives and children aren't usually
Passion Play, a cycle
Arena Stage offers the world premiere of Sarah Ruhl's lengthy, flawed, yet engrossing trilogy.
Holy Cross Sucks!
Rob Nash in Holy Cross Sucks! (Photo © Richard DiBella) Remember high school? Those awkward years spent trying to fit in, make fr