Casting has been announced for Harlem Repertory Theatre's "chamber" production of Henry Krieger and Tom Eyen's Dreamgirls, running August 17-October 7 at 133rd Street Arts Center. The production is directed and choreographed by Keith Lee Grant.

The first act will be performed in the proscenium theater at the 133rd Street Arts Center, while the second will be performed in an open loft space on the building's third floor.

The cast will feature Alexandra Bernard (Effie), Isis Kenney (Lorrell), Natalia Peguero (Deena), Dennis Williams (Jimmy), Oscar Aguirre (Curtis), Eric Myles (C.C.), Darilyn Castilio (Michelle), Magnus Percinthe (Marty), and Janique Evans and Dion Millington (The Step Sisters).

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