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Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paula Vogel, The Mineola Twins is a wickedly witty comedy about identical twins, Myrna and Myra Richards, who could not be any more different. Myrna is conservative and winsome. Myra is liberal and tempestuous. While Myrna was working her way through school, Myra was working her way through the second string football team. Written for one actress to play both sisters, The play is not the traditional sibling rivalry story, but instead focuses on the conflicting left-wing/right-wing viewpoints that consume American politics. From the Eisenhower administration through the first Bush administration, the show uses each of Myrna and Myra’s outrageous encounters to satirize 36 years of gender roles in America.

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Dates: Opening Night: December 5, 2003 Final Performance: December 28, 2003