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Chicago Is My Kind of Town...For Theater!
Darcy Rose Coussens introduces herself and explains why she wants to discover more Chicago theater.
Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Begins
Northwestern Freshman Franklin Bennett shares his passion for the stage.
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken
Dramaturgy student Emily Anne Gibson discusses what she loves about theater.
Let's Make These Years Count
Second semester TMU participant Amanda Charney explains why she's chosen to focus her blog on the here and now.
From Scrapes to Scripts: Three Resolutions for Me; One for Another
Welcome 2012! What is it about a New Year that makes everything seem possible again? I'm going to take a stab at a few resolutions -- not ones that are too big to attain (like this is the year ...
Getting An Internship
Ryan discusses the steps he took when looking for internships.
From Scrapes to Scripts: Looking Backward to Move Forward
Bridget reflects on what she's learned about auditions and life during her first year as an actress in NYC.
From Scrapes to Scripts: Tales of a Young Actor on the Frontlines
Recent U of Mich graduate Bridget Coyne Gabbe kicks off her blog about trying to make it as a young actor in the Big Apple.
Video Episode 7: Interview with Victoria Lang, Producer of Silence: The Musical
Michael Chats with Victoria Lang, the producer of Silence! The Musical, about the role of the producer, the challenges of the job, and strategies in starting out.
How to Succeed in College
Ryan gives advice give advice to High School students who are considering a major or minor in the arts.