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What Internships Can Do For You
Amanda Charney discusses the importance of internships, especially for actors.
How to Succeed. . . in Stage Management
Franklin Bennett shares tips and tricks for this important role of the theater.
Knowing Your Audience
Thomas Constantine Moore discusses the relationship between teller and listener.
Table Work
Zach Kaufer shares his thoughts regarding the early rehearsal process of a show.
Questioning the Divide Between Critical Review and Audience Reaction
Tiffany Moon considers how blogs and social media are changing the way the arts are formally critiqued.
What Does Journalism Have to Do With Theater?
Sarah Moore considers the similarities between her two training backgrounds.
The World Outside Your College
Emily Anne Gibson discusses ways students can gain a better awareness of the theater scene beyond what they may be learning in the classroom.
Theater Communities Across the Nation
Should aspiring actors head to New York, Los Angeles...or somewhere else?
An Indian Playing an Irish Person?
Venkatesh Potula shares tips on how to prepare for an audition, and his own experience working an accent.
What Kind of Story Do You Want to Tell?
Knowing the answer to this question is crucial for any artist heading into a new project.