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A Dramatic Literature Education
By Sarah Moore · Apr 4, 2012 · New York City
Michael Esper, Dick Latessa and Linda Lavin in The Lyons (© Carol Rosegg)"So you just read a lot of plays?" people have asked about my major. "Pretty much," I say, keeping it simple. My ma
Growing the Garage
By Tiffany Moon · Apr 4, 2012 · Los Angeles
(© weeks ago I introduced you to Eric Hamme, Managing Director of the Garage Theatre in Long Beach, CA, and we talked about the early days of the company and the ...
Rehearsal Report: Clarify, clarify, clarify
By Zach Kaufer · Apr 4, 2012 · Los Angeles
Time to focus.It's about two hours until tonight's rehearsal. We've blocked the whole show and we've run through scenes multiple times. At this point in rehearsal, it's pretty terrifying to ...
Caridad Svich's The Way of Water
By Emily Anne Gibson · Apr 3, 2012 · Pittsburgh
"Caridad Svich's new play The Way of Water is about the aftermath of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill and its effects on human health and the environment in the US Gulf region." - The ...
Gender Trouble Part 2: Men in the Theater
By Amanda Charney · Apr 2, 2012 · Los Angeles
Last week, we heard from the female side of the acting business about the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman involved in theater. This week, we're talking to the menfolk: Is being a ...
Wagner College Theatre Premieres Galt MacDermot's Goddess Wheel
By Sarah Moore · Apr 2, 2012 · New York City
Galt MacDermot (© Tristan Fuge)On April 18, the Wagner College Theatre will premiere Goddess Wheel, a new musical by Hair composer Galt MacDermot, with book and lyrics by Matty Selman. The sh
Auditioning Advice That Actually Works
By Venk Potula · Mar 30, 2012 · Los Angeles
Auditioning should be fun not stressful! Even if you don't get the role, it just means that there's a better one out there for you.I recently had the opportunity to audition for UCLA's Cop
Painting the Character
By Thomas Constantine Moore · Mar 30, 2012 · Pittsburgh
Strokes of brilliance.An actor approaching a new role is faced with hundreds of questions, methods, actions, obstacles, psychologies, activities, physicalities and discoveries. There's text-...
Top 5 Performances by an Actress
By Catherine Reid · Mar 29, 2012 · Chicago
Betty Buckley in Cats (© Martha Swope)1. Betty Buckley - CatsIt just doesn't get any better than this. While I mentioned in my previous post My Top Five Theater Experiences that Cats in the
Rehearsal Report: We've Blocked, Now What?
By Zach Kaufer · Mar 29, 2012 · Los Angeles
Howie, Solomon, and Diwata of Speech and Debate fame! We're in the depths of rehearsal right now.I'm sitting outside Taper Hall 203, our rehearsal room. The first thing on the schedule tonight ...