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A Dramatic Literature Education
Sarah Moore explains the focus and scope of her major at New York University.
Growing the Garage
The second part of Tiffany Moon's interview with Eric Hamme, Managing Director of the Garage Theatre in Long Beach, CA.
Rehearsal Report: Clarify, clarify, clarify
Director Zach Kaufer focuses on helping his actors clarify their objectives.
Caridad Svich's The Way of Water
Emily Anne Gibson discusses dramaturging a play reading around the date of the two-year anniversary of the BP oil spill.
Gender Trouble Part 2: Men in the Theater
Male theater majors talk about some of the expectations and challenges that they face.
Wagner College Theatre Premieres Galt MacDermot's Goddess Wheel
Galt MacDermot (© Tristan Fuge)On April 18, the Wagner College Theatre will premiere Goddess Wheel, a new musical by Hair composer Galt MacDermot, with book and lyrics by Matty Selman. The sh
Auditioning Advice That Actually Works
Venkatesh Potula shares tips that can help actors overcome stress.
Painting the Character
Thomas Constantine Moore shares advice on how actors can create layers in performance.
Top 5 Performances by an Actress
Catherine Reid's favorites are from such shows as Cats, Evita, and Into the Woods.
Rehearsal Report: We've Blocked, Now What?
Zach Kaufer explains the next stages of the rehearsal process.