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Standing Tall in the Audition Room: Part Two – What I've Learned
Bridget Coyne Gabbe offers advice on factors you can control when heading in to read for a part.
Nathan Lane, Adam Pascal, Michael Urie Set for Graham Douglass' Web Series Aimed at Young Theater-Lovers
Nathan Lane(© Tristan Fuge) Actor-turned entrepreneur, producer, and host Graham Douglass is set to launch The Graham Show, a weekly web series aimed at young theater-...
The Portrait of a Hat Juggler
An interview with Kimberly Faye Greenberg, who shares the secrets of a multi-tasking life.
Making the Most at the Table: The Process of the Table-Read
Timothy Thompson shares tips on how to get the rehearsal experience off to a good start.
Broadway Or Bust: Behind The Scenes
Audition coach Mary Anna Dennard describes what it was like to take part in the National High School Musical Theatre Awards, now being featured in a three-part PBS series.
So You Say You're a…Hoosier?
Musical theater student Allison Schwartz gives her top 5 reasons for loving her school.
Top 4 (Productive) Ways to Spend Your Summer
Amanda Charney shares experiences from fellow theater students who used their time off from school to gain valuable experience.
The Flip Side
Coastal Carolina University junior Alexa Doggett begins her blog with a look at some of her foundational experiences and what she hopes to share with her readers.
A New Semester of Opportunities
Emily Anne Gibson prepares to leave Carnegie Mellon University behind, in preparation for a study abroad experience at St. Catherine's College of the University of Oxford.
Life At the Stage Door
Temple University senior Rae Bradley begins her blog chronicling her experiences as student, spectator, and beginning professional.