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Standing Tall in the Audition Room: Part Two – What I've Learned
By Bridget Coyne Gabbe · Sep 13, 2012
Bridget Coyne Gabbe offers advice on factors you can control when heading in to read for a part.
Nathan Lane, Adam Pascal, Michael Urie Set for Graham Douglass' Web Series Aimed at Young Theater-Lovers
By Bethany Rickwald · Sep 12, 2012
Nathan Lane(© Tristan Fuge) Actor-turned entrepreneur, producer, and host Graham Douglass is set to launch The Graham Show, a weekly web series aimed at young theater-...
The Portrait of a Hat Juggler
By Ran Xia · Sep 12, 2012
An interview with Kimberly Faye Greenberg, who shares the secrets of a multi-tasking life.
Making the Most at the Table: The Process of the Table-Read
By Timothy Thompson · Sep 12, 2012
Timothy Thompson shares tips on how to get the rehearsal experience off to a good start.
Broadway Or Bust: Behind The Scenes
By Mary Anna Dennard · Sep 12, 2012
Audition coach Mary Anna Dennard describes what it was like to take part in the National High School Musical Theatre Awards, now being featured in a three-part PBS series.
So You Say You're a…Hoosier?
By Allison Schwartz · Sep 11, 2012
Musical theater student Allison Schwartz gives her top 5 reasons for loving her school.
Top 4 (Productive) Ways to Spend Your Summer
By Amanda Charney · Sep 11, 2012
Amanda Charney shares experiences from fellow theater students who used their time off from school to gain valuable experience.
The Flip Side
By Alexa Doggett · Sep 10, 2012
Coastal Carolina University junior Alexa Doggett begins her blog with a look at some of her foundational experiences and what she hopes to share with her readers.
A New Semester of Opportunities
By Emily Anne Gibson · Sep 10, 2012
Emily Anne Gibson prepares to leave Carnegie Mellon University behind, in preparation for a study abroad experience at St. Catherine's College of the University of Oxford.
Life At the Stage Door
By Rae Bradley · Sep 7, 2012
Temple University senior Rae Bradley begins her blog chronicling her experiences as student, spectator, and beginning professional.