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By David Finkle · Jun 21, 2004
Richard Dormer in Hurricane(Photo © If the producers of The Boy From Oz are looking around for so
Charlie Victor Romeo
By Adam Klasfeld · Jun 21, 2004
Irving Gregory, Ben Chinn in Charlie Victor Romeo Photo © Bob Berger Charlie Victor Romeo (airspeak for "Cockpit Voice Rec
By Dan Bacalzo · Jun 21, 2004
Christopher Burns in Boise(Photo © Sandra Coudert) It's Stewart's birthday but he's in no mood to celebrate. He's stuck in a monot
Let's Put on Another Musical
By Peter Filichia · Jun 20, 2004
Filichia is updating his book Let's Put on a Musical, and you can help.
Jungr at Heart
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Jun 18, 2004
A hunger for Jungr. Plus: The Musical of Musicals: The Musical returns and two theater-connected movies are about to be released.
Belle's Broadway Bookshop
By Peter Filichia · Jun 18, 2004
Filichia takes a peek inside New York's exciting new Broadway book store.
Afterbirth: Kathy and Mo's Greatest Hits
By David Finkle · Jun 18, 2004
Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney in Afterbirth: Kathy and Mo's Greatest Hits(Photo © Michael Lamont) Just before Afterbirth: Kathy a...
Thanks a Lot But No Thanks
By David Barbour · Jun 17, 2004
David Barbour identifies the most thankless roles of the 2003-2004 Broadway season.
The 29 Questions Project
By Adam Klasfeld · Jun 17, 2004
Patricia Hart & Allison Wright in 29 Questions (Photo © Carol Rosegg) Since September 11, 2001, artists across New York have been trying to make sense of
Love According to Luc
By Dan Bacalzo · Jun 17, 2004
Joy Franz and Marissa McGowan in Love According to Luc(Photo © Melanie Shatzsky) Love According to Luc is bursting with pot