Theater News

Good Times in Pasadena
By Debbi K. Swanson · Mar 31, 2000
Or: The State of the State Theater of California
The Movies Really, Really Like the Theater...
Ziemba Mania...Dorothy Fields Forever...
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Mar 31, 2000
Barbara & Scott Siegel ponder changing culture: From Broadway to Oscar...True Marketing...A to Z(IEMBA)...and more.
A Star on the Small Stage
By John Amodeo · Mar 31, 2000
Linda Eder returns to her nightclub origins.
Sentimental Journey
By John Amodeo · Mar 31, 2000
JAN PETERS takes John Amodeo on a sentimental journey.
Monkeys and Panthers and Bears...Oh My!
By Caitlin Wheeler · Mar 31, 2000
Caitlin Wheeler talks Jungle Book with JAMES BYRNE, the director of the Wheelock Family Theatre's latest.
Willing and Able
By Jennifer Callahan · Mar 29, 2000
Physically challenged actors are definitely up to the challenge.
Kevin Kline & Kenneth Branagh
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Mar 29, 2000
KEVIN KLINE and KENNETH BRANAGH come connected as the animated heroes of Dreamworks' Road to El Dorado. Barbara and Scott Siegel catch the repartée.
Playing the Mame game...
By Charles Nelson · Mar 28, 2000
Charles Nelson reports the latest scoops and gossip on new roles, old roles, and rolling with all the latest casting punches.
Quick Wit: Rick Spaans
By Leslie Becker · Mar 28, 2000
The Saturday Night Fever tells Leslie Becker about his favorite sound and his favorite four-letter word.
Roundabout Sets Its 2000-2001 Season
By David Marcus · Mar 28, 2000
The Roundabout Theatre Company has announced its 2000-2001 season, which will include plays and musicals by Noel Coward, Brian Friel, Kaufman & Hart, Sean O'Casey, Eugene O'Neill, St