Thinking About Theater

Hirschfeld, Kahn, Coleman: Theater Lives Worth Contemplating
Three new books and an art exhibit take a closer look at remarkable show-biz careers.
Should Kristin Chenoweth Play Paul Robeson?
How ethnicity and gender have complicated casting.
Staying Power and the Power to Leave
Why shows can be — but shouldn't be — walked out of.
Talking of Turkeys (Part II)
How to tell a legendary disaster from a simple flop.
Lear, There, and Everywhere (Part II)
Further reflections on a tormenting play.
Me, the World, and The Killer
Translate Ionesco, and who knows what planet you might wake up on.
Gilbert & Sullivan & ... the Marx Brothers? (Part II)
When artists argue about money, the argument's really about art.
Gilbert & Sullivan & ... Frankenstein?
A carpet for the theater lobby can cost a lot — in terms of friendships and careers.
Credits, or Credibility? (Part II)
Is that a star, or just a string of credits?
Credits, or Credibility?
With everyone hungry for the security of big names, does art stand a chance?