The Long Shrift
By Zachary Stewart · Jul 14, 2014 · New York City

James Franco helms an incredibly intelligent and flawed world premiere in his stage directorial debut.

Bum Phillips All-American Opera
By Zachary Stewart · Mar 15, 2014 · New York City

The late coach of the Houston Oilers comes out singing in this operatic tribute from composer Peter Stopschinski and Monk Parrots.

All the Way
By Zachary Stewart · Mar 6, 2014 · New York City

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston makes his Broadway debut in this fast-paced political thriller about the first year of Lyndon Johnson's presidency.

Stop Hitting Yourself
By Zachary Stewart · Jan 28, 2014 · New York City

The Rude Mechs of Austin, Texas, take on money, greed, and inequality with tap-dancing and queso.

Unbroken Circle
By Zachary Stewart · Jun 19, 2013 · New York City
This gasp-inducing play takes a long time to reach a boil, but when it does, hold onto your hat.