Cush Jumbo

The 11 Best Broadway Debuts of 2014

Our picks for this year's breakout stars.

Hugh Jackman's Broadway Run in The River Extends

Jez Butterworth's drama also stars Cush Jumbo and Laura Donnelly.

Sally Field, Harvey Keitel, and More Cheer on Hugh Jackman's Broadway Return in The River

Jackman leads the cast of Jez Butterworth's new drama alongside Cush Jumbo and Laura Donnelly.

The River

Hugh Jackman returns to Broadway in Jez Butterworth's intimate new drama at the Circle in the Square Theatre.

The River, Starring Hugh Jackman, Set to Open on Broadway

Tony-nominated Jerusalem author Jez Butterworth's new play makes its U.S. premiere tonight.

First Look: Hugh Jackman Returns to Broadway in The River

Cush Jumbo and Laura Donnelly costar in the new Jez Butterworth drama.

Broadway Newcomer Cush Jumbo on Relationships, Hugh Jackman, and The River

The acclaimed London actress who wowed audiences last year in Phyllida Lloyd's all-female Julius Caesar returns to New York.

Hugh Jackman Introduces The River to Broadway

Jackman stars in the new drama along with Laura Donnelly and Cush Jumbo.