Dread Awakening
The four short horror plays in this program are more funny than frightening.
Bal Masque
Richard Greenberg tweaks our obssesion with celebrity and power in his entertaining new play that imagines the aftermath of Truman Capote's famed Black and White Ball.
A Jew Grows in Brooklyn
Jake Ehrenreich's singing is the only saving grace of this self-indulgent solo show
Cradle of Man
Sex and the City's David Eigenberg stars in Melanie Marnich's problematic "dramatic comedy" at the Victory Gardens Theatre.
Los Big Names
Marga Gomez's solo show about her showbiz family is both hilarious and heartbreaking.
Director Rufus Norris's Broadway production of this play is truly and madly theatrical.
Karoline Leach's play about a secret affair is flawed but consistently engaging.
Show People
Debra Monk steals the spotlight in Paul Weitz's slight but amusing valentine to theater folk.
Sandra Bernhard: Everything Bad & Beautiful
In the famed comedienne's new show, her outfits are wild but her talk is surprisingly mild.
CanStage's exhilarating new production of the 1968 rock musical is a roaring success.