My Deah
Nancy Opel is hilarious in John Epperson's adaptation of Euripides' Medea, set in the American South.
A Small, Melodramatic Story
The LAByrinth Theatre Company production of Stephen Belber's terrific new play is notable for Lucie Tiberghien's taut direction and a fine ensemble cast.
The Flood
Peter Mills and Cara Reichel's remarkable score for this musical about the victims of a Midwestern flood is far more effective than its book.
Matthew Maguire's dance-theater piece about the battle of the sexes fails to shock or seduce.
Daniel Beaty's stirring, multi-character solo show paints a vivid portrait of the African-American experience in present-day New York.
The Given
Francine Volpe's boldly written and boldly acted play tackles adultery, homosexuality, and AIDS.
Invisible Messages
These three surrealistic vignettes, loosely inspired by playwright's Peter S. Petralia's journey across Siberia, make for an intriguing theatrical experience.
Theresa Rebeck's ingenious, beautifully acted new play is about the seedy underbelly of stamp collecting.
Southern Comforts
Kathleen Clark's well-done if formulaic comedy about late-blooming love benefits from Judith Ivey's elegant staging and wonderfully lived-in performances by Larry Keith and Penny Fuller.
Philip Kan Gotanda's play thoughtfully explores the intricacies of race relations, personal fulfillment, aging, and long-term relationships.