The Moral Values Festival
Dan Bacalzo reports that two of the three shows he saw in this Brick Theater festival ain't bad.
My Sweetheart's the Man in the Moon
Kit Paquin in My Sweetheart's the Man in the Moon (Photo © Amy Feinberg) Based on the real-life "crime of the century" drama depi
Vanessa Redgrave shows a surprising lack of passion in the title role of Euripides' anti-war drama.
EST Marathon 2005: Series C
Tim Guinee and Frank Girardeau in Horton Foote's "The One-Armed Man" (Photo © Carol Rosegg) You have to hand it to the octogen
People Are Living There
O'Mara Leary and Larry Silverberg in People Are Living There (Photo © Richard Termine) An Athol Fugard play set in New Jersey? As
The Constant Wife
David Finkle enjoys Mark Brokaw's production of W. Somerset Maugham's forward-looking comedy about marital infidelity.
Staceyann Chinn is out, loud, proud, and definitely worth listening to in this exuberant solo show.
Juliet Gowing and Matt Pepper in Kicker (Photo © Rahav Segev) "You'd be surprised how uninteresting interesting people are," says Michael Gray -- and he
The Cherry Orchard
The Atlantic Theatre Company production of this Chekhov classic is wildly uneven.
Palm Beach
Chris Hoch and Matt Cavenaugh in Palm Beach(Photo © Ken Howard) During the Great Depression and in the years leading up to World W