You've seen her in your living room on Seinfeld and ABC's Cinderella, and she even tried to persuade you to buy a Bristol vacuum cleaner. On stage, she has sung in Flora, the Red Menace and Company. An electric actress with tremendous presence, she has hit the boards with great success in such works as Labor Day, The Waiting Room, Showing Off, and A Question of Mercy. Now, the talented, and charming Tony and Drama Desk nominee Veanne Cox is wowing critics and audiences alike in her third Nicky Sliver play, The Altruists. Here's what she had to say when I spoke with her recently on the phone. If you were a shade of lipstick, what would you be called? Brick Oven. What are your three favorite films? 1) Blade Runner; 2) The Taking of Pelham, One Two Three--it's the best suspense film ever made; 3) Three Days of the Condor. Would you prefer lazing at the pool in Jamaica or boating down the Ganges at sunrise? Boating down the Ganges. Who is your favorite character in a novel? Anna Karenina. In the play Art, there were three chairs: a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair, a Queen Anne chair, and a comfy, overstuffed comfy chair. Which chair would you be? The Queen Anne. What do you splurge on? Ice cream. Spring or autumn? Spring. Morning or night? Morning. Who is a bona fide moron: William Jefferson Clinton or George W. Bush? Bush. As much as I strongly dislike him, I actually feel bad for him. What's your favorite libation? A straight shot of whiskey. What would you love to be doing right now, more than anything else in the world? I'd love to be sitting in an apartment that I own, overlooking Central Park--on the Upper West Side, of course. What's the most important thing on your nightstand? Kleenex. Who is your favorite artist? Willem De Kooning. His painting "Woman and Bicycle" inspired me to be an actress. In regard to the presidential race which issues are most important to you? Women's rights and education. Bonus question: What female author strongly opposed Altruism? Ayn Rand. I'm so glad I got the bonus question! You've done a damn fine job. Thank you. Oh, thank you!