Gregory Moss
Gregory Moss
Studio 42 is set to present Gregory S. Moss' new play Billy Witch, February 1-5 at INTAR Theatre. Erik Pearson will direct.

In the play, Oliver travels to the Blue Triangle Nature Fun Time Summer Camp, where along with fireside sing-a-longs, Vagina Cephalopada, and too perky counselors lurking behind every tree, Oliver discovers just how monstrous the mutations of adolescence can be.

The cast will include Jon Bass, Brian Belcinski, Michael Braun, Erin Felgar, Jo Mei, Desiree Matthews, David Mitsch, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Amelia Pedlow, Lance Rubin, Risa Sarachan, and Joe Tapper.

The creative team is comprised of Caite Hevner and Steven Kemp (scenic design), Elizabeth Barrett Groth (costume design), Jason Lyons and Peter Hoerburger (lighting design), Chris Barlow (sound design), Nathan A. Roberts (original music), Wendy Seyb (choreography), and Ariela Morgenstern (music direction).

For more information and tickets to Billy Witch, click here.