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Christine Andreas: The Best is Yet to Come
By Richard Ridge · Mar 17, 2000
CHRISTINE ANDREAS, Broadway's quintessential ingenue in the '70s and '80s, gets intimate at The Oak Room.
Listen to the Mothers
By Tom Hawkinson · Mar 17, 2000
Tom Hawkinson on Adina Ruskin's campaign never to stay quiet about Argentina's missing children.
Mabou Minds at Work
By Tom Hawkinson · Mar 17, 2000
Tom Hawkinson on 30 years of Mabou Mines and Las Horas de Belen.
Bright Blue Light
By Diane Snyder · Mar 17, 2000
Celebrating five years of synergy.
The Altruists
By Elias Wolfberg · Mar 17, 2000
From The Altruists The Altruists is an over-the-top comedy about a group of East Village poseurs embracing their neurosis while shooting off quips ...
Laodamia: Queen of Epirus
By John DeVore · Mar 17, 2000
From Laodamia: Queen of Epirus Editor's note: The following is an open letter to Justine Lambert, director of Laodamia: Queen of Epirus now playing at ...
Reverend Billy
By Josh Godfrey · Mar 17, 2000
The irreverentReverend Billy. I have been saved, brothers and sisters, and it is about damn time. For years I have been corrupted by the evil soul of consumerism.
George Faison Directs For Colored Girls
By Lisa Stephenson · Mar 17, 2000
Lisa Stephenson talks with George Faison, director of the 25th-anniversary production of Ntozake Shange's landmark chorepoem.
Manny Alfaro says HOLA!
By Charles Wright · Mar 17, 2000
A welcome to the First Annual Gala Awards for excellence in Spanish language theater.