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The Fourth Folio of William Shakespeare is an obscure compilation of his works published in 1685 including plays attributed to his authorship that have disappeared from the established canon–some quite mysteriously. Genesis Rep presents all fifty works and discusses with the audience the authorship question of these “lost” plays.”

Julius Caesar: Saturday, March 15 @ 2:00pm and Monday, March 17 @ 7:00pm
What is so mysterious about this play’s authorship? The plot for that is more convoluted than the plot to kill Caesar himself!

A Yorkshire Tragedy: Saturday, March 29 @ 2:00pm and Monday, March 31 @ 7:00pm
In 1604, the Calverly family went bankrupt, and that’s the least of their problems! Based on a true murder case, the mystery within this mystery is: did Shakespeare write this play?

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Dates: Opening Night: March 15, 2003 Final Performance: March 31, 2003