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Rainbow Ring is a new musical about a young lady (Melody) with a 6th sense, who discovers that her dreams can come true…even when they’re nightmares. As her 6th sense develops, so does her reputation and that invites trouble with classmates misled by her cunning step-sister Sabrina. This compromises Melody even further when one of her nightmares do come true and a boy she is meant to attend a dance with is killed. But it also reunites her with a childhood friend Riley, who accompanies her on a journey that takes them to Vienna, the birthplace of psychoanalysis, to uncover the meaning behind her premonitory dreams and to gain perspective on her psychic gifts. Their analytical collaboration of trust (his pragmatic approach with her visions) not only leads to romance but (their unique vantage point) enables them to solve cold and current murder cases in her inner circle. And her quest for knowledge reveals some fascinating facts and interesting history of famous dreams and dreamers.


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Dates: Opening Night: June 24, 2022 Final Performance: June 25, 2022
Location: , New York City



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