Psychic Self Defense

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Psychic Self Defense is a show that invites audiences into the guts of the theater. Patrons enter the show through portals draped with fabrics and corridors dimly lit by chandeliers. Are they entering into a séance? After piercing many veils, the audience arrives at what is apparently a tiny, haunted proscenium theater. Anticipation mounts as a grand curtain opens with fanfare… and then another… and then a further curtain… and then the curtains keep opening and closing, revealing and concealing characters, objects and scenes in hypnotic patterns, transporting performers and audience to psychic realms. As this dance of curtains ascends to abstraction, creatures of knots and thread emerge from the shadows, protagonists are absorbed into set dressing and scenic ornaments run rampant. The theater digests and incorporates its prey.

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Dates: First Preview: September 12, 2023 Opening Night: September 15, 2023 Final Performance: September 30, 2023

Theatermania Review

| | September 15, 2023
Normandy Sherwood’s fabric fantasy opens at HERE.

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