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Street kids laced with greek mythology. Polaroid Stories, by Naomii Iizuka, grabs you and takes you to a world where story-telling is a means to an end, where people have nothing else except what comes out of their mouth. 10 street kids live lives that are continually pushed to the limit,
threatened, and devalued. The play is set in an old abandoned bathroom
in the depths of New York City. This is a mecca for runaways seeking
refuge and fuel for the fire that is their life. Like Greek myths maybe
all the stories these kids tell are not fact, but like their “mythic
counterparts” the back bone behind everything they say can be broken down to the need to survive. At the end of the day human need, want and
fear is so raw and true these themes and stories live for years and happen
to us all weather you live on the street or not.

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Dates: Opening Night: October 20, 2004 Final Performance: October 24, 2004

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