I Never Met a Jerk I Didn’t Like

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About This Show

Tiffany Phillips’ show invites us on her personal roller coaster ride through the minefield of modern dating and love. Her tour de force performance will make you laugh, might make you cry and it will definitely make you think. The show takes the audience on a comical journey through the jerk-magnet phase in a woman’s life—a topic most contemporary women (and even men) can relate to. They say, “bad decisions make good stories” —especially true in this case. You’ll meet the jerks and other oddly entertaining types along the way. Get into the mind of women who shun the good guy while chasing after the bad boy and the epiphanies that ensue after having their heart stomped on one too many times. I Never Met a Jerk I Didn’t Like is hilarious, outrageous, heartfelt, inspiring, empowering and highly engrossing.

Show Details

Running Time: 0hr 55min (0 intermissions)
Dates: One Night Only: October 30, 2013