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Devotchka may be the best band in America you’ve never heard of. This fascinating little quartet from Denver Colorado has made a wistful, beautifully-arranged something that isn’t really an indie rock record, and isn’t really a jazz record, and isn’t really a mariachi/norteno (or Eastern European) folk record. It’s the album Calexico should have been making all these years. It’s the album you put on when you want to wallow, when you want to brood, when you want to shut your windows and close your blinds and lose yourself in the wistful tragedy of love and loss and hope and nostalgia that bubbles to the surface in all of your darker, finer moments.

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Running Time: 1hr 30min (0 intermissions)
Dates: Opening Night: September 8, 2006 Final Performance: September 9, 2006