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Miramar brings nostalgic love songs to a new generation. They revive the bolero, a traditional Latin American song form, by following in the footsteps of the great Puerto Rican troubadours of the 1950's and 60's. They perform a mix of original and classic tunes drawing upon such great artist as Sylvia Rexach, Felipe 'La Voz' Rodriguez and duo Irizarry de Cordova. A portion of Miramar's repertoire also includes Portuguese and Greek pieces that emerged from similar international song movements that paralleled the Latin American bolero revolution.

Yeni Nostalji is a music group based in Richmond, Virginia. Their mission is to share timeless music and performances inspired by Turkish pop of the 1960's and 70's. Founded by singer Christina Marie, who initially joined forces with Turkish American guitarist Evrim Doğu and keyboardist Jeff London. "I believe that we were brought together for a reason," Christina says. "This is my calling. To help preserve the spirit of the music coming from Turkey during these decades."

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