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Luna Theater Company is set to present the Identity Crisis Play Festival of new 10-minute plays, May 29-June 3 at the PlayGround at the Adrienne Theatre.

The plays will include Cycles of the Moon by Jae Kramisen, directed by Michael Durkin; Inbox:Empty or AirPort:Scanning by Kate Brennan, directed by Gregory Scott Campbell; Little World by Joy Cutler, directed by Michael Durkin; Militant by Eoin Carney, directed by Gregory Scott Campbell; My Robs by Ron Burch, directed by Gregory Scott Campbell; Shelly by Alex Dremann, directed by Aaron Oster; Telltale Signs by Quinn D. Eli, directed by Tina Brock; The Cosmonaut in Human Resources by Jeremy Sony, directed by Aaron Oster; The Homeschooling of Jonathan Anderson by Sean Christopher Lewis, directed by Aaron Oster; and Their Master's Voice by Larry Pontius, directed by Samantha Tower.

The play's casts will feature Kate Black-Regan, Liam Brock, Mark Cairns, Jeremy Gable, Haley McCormick, Kirsten Quinn, Bob Schmidt, Megan Slater, and David Stanger.

the design team will include Gregory Scott Campbell (costume and set design), Andrew Cowles (lighting design), Michael Long (video design), and Aaron Oster (sound design).

The Festival is a collaboration between Luna Theater Company and the Idiopathic Riduculothopy Consortium, Bright Light Theatre Company, and The Renegade Company.


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