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M.A.D Playhouse Presenting the Banned Indian Play Sakharam Binder by Vijay Tendulkar

M.A.D is allowing ticket buyers to donate part of their tickets to support the arts in NYC or education in rural India.

M.A.D Playhouse is presenting Indian playwright Vijay Tendulkar’s Sakharam Binder, a play first presented in 1972 and subsequently banned in India in 1974. M.A.D’s production in running through July 14. Miriam Ibrahim directs an adaptation by Ms.Shane Killoran.

Sakharam Binder centers on the household of the title character. Binder offers shelter to abandoned and outcast women, but this generosity comes with the burden of imposed household rules. The woman must choose to either live under these restrictions or return to the hunger, brutality, and the streets.

The production features sound design by Kwan-Fai Lam and lighting design by Kire Tosevski. The cast includes Ashok Chaudhary, Carolina Lelis, Marissa Wolf, Glenn. A Wolther, and Bertlee Garced.

M.A.D aspires to perform and showcase thought-provoking, meaningful plays while reflecting and illustrating the ideals of this society. They aim to bring the works of playwrights from the South Asian continent and adapt them to the Western audience.

For more information and tickets to Sakharam Binder, click here.

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Sakharam Binder

Closed: July 14, 2013