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Don DeForest Paul, Jerry Weil, et al. Set for Richard and Felix Reading logo
Jerry Weil
Kelly Chatman, Kathryn Larsen, Don DeForest Paul, Jerry Weil, and Jessica Sherman will participate in a reading of the Met Theatre production of Cornelius Schnauber's Richard and Felix: Twilight in Venice, to be presented at the Center Theatre Group/Kirk Douglas Theatre, on Sunday, June 13 at 7pm. L. Flint Esquerra will direct.

In the play, composer Richard Wagner, after a visit from "the other side" from his deceased rival Felix Mendelssohn, spends the last moments before his death reflecting on his life, his works, and the strange knowledge that Mendelssohn seems to bring about the future.

The reading is being presented by Center Theatre Group as a part of the Ring Festival L.A. The Festival is currently taking place countywide with the participation of more than 100 artistic companies, museums and universities and includes L.A. Opera's first complete staging of Der Ring des Nibelung, which serves as the centerpiece of the festival.

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