Billie Joe Armstrong

Broadway Idiot
By David Gordon · Oct 9, 2013

Documentarian Doug Hamilton explores the nature of collaboration in this look at the making of the Broadway punk-rock opera American Idiot.

New Documentary Following Green Day's American Idiot's Path to Broadway Is Set for Release
By Bethany Rickwald · Aug 23, 2013
Broadway Idiot will open on October 11 exclusively in New York, with a North American expansion coming one week later.
Billie Joe Armstrong is Writing Songs for Shakespeare
By Sarah Moore · Mar 15, 2013
The Green Day front man is writing a rock-and-roll musical based on Much Ado about Nothing.
Can You Hear the Sound of Hysteria? American Idiot Documentary to Be Released at SXSW
By Sarah Moore · Feb 1, 2013
A film documenting Grammy Award winner Billie Joe Armstrong's road to Broadway will debut in March.