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While napping in the shade of a tree, Hercules is caught by Pygmies. Princess Nec is smitten with love, but her father, King Kom, implores his warriors to destroy the giant. In the grand finale the Pygmy army is suddenly dislodged by a Herculean sneeze.

Known affectionately as a “bambociatta” (frolic for the little people), The Sneeze of Hercules was staged in the 17th century for Venetian Carnival. It is reconstructed and performed for the first time in hundreds of years by Carter Family Marionettes. Featuring Philip and Gayle Neuman of De Organographia, performing live the music of Adolfo Hasse on an astonishing array of ancient recorders, racketts, crumhorns, citterns and sackbutts. See baroque opera as it is meant to be – with wooden stage machinery and marionettes.

Not intended for young children.

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Dates: Opening Night: May 9, 2003 Final Performance: May 18, 2003
Location: Northwest Puppet Center, Washington

9123 15th Ave NE,



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