About This Show

Annex Theatre presents symphony, an experimental hybrid of music, theater, and visual design in four movements. Composed/directed by John Osebold (of art-curiosity band “Awesome”), the show embodies the life-cycle of an abstract universe, illustrating its origins (1st movement), the growing complexity of civilization (2nd movement), dissipation of culture and its memories (3rd movement), and the end of everything to pave way for a new universe (4th movement). Told by means of clarinets, typewriters, glockenspiels, pipe organ, handbells, piano, banjo, actors, saxophones, castanets, an aria, and much more, the performers include: John Ackermann, Kirk Anderson, Basil Harris, Evan Mosher, David Nixon, and Rob Witmer of “Awesome.”

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Dates: Opening Night: February 17, 2006 Final Performance: February 25, 2006
Location: Trinity Parish Church, Washington

609 8th Ave,



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