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Set in the classist government of a fictional country, Royals follows the story of four people vying for power when the Head of State, Royal Buchannan, suddenly dies leaving his daughter, Rachel, in charge of the country. Charles, Buchannan’s aid, siezes the opportunity to influence Rachel with his ideals while his wife, Elizabeth, deals with sexist legislation that has kicked women out of the military. James, Elizabeth’s brother, begins a relationship with Rachel, to enforce his own ideals about the intersection of love and power. Royals asks the question of how far people are willing to go to remain in control and shows the brutality of class struggles when people are left with no choices.

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Running Time: 2hr 0min (1 intermission)
Dates: Opening Night: June 16, 2016 Final Performance: June 18, 2016
Location: The Ballard Underground, Washington

2220 NW Market St,



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Ticket Office: 5059800688