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Huey loves his ex-wife Janice…maybe. Teresa loves Huey…for the time being. Janice hates her father…but he’s dead. Aunt May thinks minestrone soup can cure all problems…it can’t. It’s hot in Little Italy in the summer…so what’s new. Aldo loves his friend Huey…in a manly way. Oh…and Janice shot the dog. What’s a man to do? Reminiscent of Cryano De Bergerac, Aldo takes on the task of reconciling his friends problems…and learns a lesson himself. John Patrick Shanleys’ sublte comedy examines these love-struck characters coming to the conclusion that success in life…the greatest success…is about one’s ability to love.

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Dates: Opening Night: October 24, 2003 Final Performance: November 29, 2003
Location: Miners Alley Playhouse, Washington

1224 Morrison St,

West Richland,


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