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The Trumpet of the Swan: A Novel Symphony is a Kennedy Center-commission, which premiered in 2008. These performances star two-time Tony®-winning actor John Lithgow as the boy Sam, and will also feature local award-winning actors Naomi Jacobson as Mother Swan, Jason Lott as Louis' Thoughts, Jenna Sokolowski as Serena, Craig Wallace as Father Swan, and Michael Willis as Man. The role of Louis will be performed by trumpeter Christopher Venditti. Based on the popular children's novel by E.B. White, The Trumpet of the Swan: A Novel Symphony tells the story of Louis, a young Trumpeter swan who is born without a voice. Though handsome and graceful, Louis could not trumpet the mighty Ko-Hoh like the other swans, and so would never be able to find a mate, or even rule the lake, the way Trumpeters are supposed to do. So Louis's father risks his life to get him a real trumpet, and then his human friend Sam teaches him how to play it and gets him his first job playing Reveille for a boys' camp. Having found his voice, Louis journeys on to find friends, fame, fortune, true love, and the admiration of music lovers all over the northeast.

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