The Great Dinosaur Mystery

About This Show

The story is set in the basement of the Natural History Museum. Dr. Vander Plastercaster (Please, just call me Doc) is about to give the audience a behind the scenes tour of a new dinosaur exhibit, when she finds a mysterious box. "It was supposed to be filled with fossils, but it was empty!" Enter Detective Joe Kafootsie, Special Forces: Strange Phenomena Detail. He’s found a giant shoe and thinks it might belong to a dinosaur! Suddenly dinosaurs begin appearing with messages from a mysterious character named Tootsie. Who is Tootsie? What do the messages mean? What’s going on? It’s all part of the great, great, great, great, Great Dinosaur Mystery.

Show Details

Running Time: 0hr 50min (0 intermissions)
Dates: Opening Night: June 9, 2011 Final Performance: July 17, 2011