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The award-winning Synetic Theater company presents a return engagement of its Helen-Hayes Award nominated production of Host and Guest. The story centers around two men, one Muslim and one Christian, who befriend each other despite their cultures’ long-standing conflict. The people from both villages punish the men violently for their friendship, and the entire community is shattered by war. The Muslim’s wife goes on her own adventure as she tries to hold onto her husband, her faith, and her very sense of humanity in the face of ethnic hatred.

In our current world-climate, plagued by images of bombings, battles, and prisoner degradation, Host and Guest cries out against the very source of these acts: blind hatred. When the company first produced the show, one year after 9/11, audiences were profoundly touched by its relevancy to that situation. After the Iraq war and its subsequent revelations, the artistic team hopes that audiences will be affected on an even deeper and more immediate level. Paata Tsikurishvili directs.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: September 3, 2004 Final Performance: September 25, 2004