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Theater J presents Betty Rules: The Exception to the Musical written and performed by Alyson Palmer, Amy Ziff, and Elizabeth Ziff. There's no one quite like Betty, and idiosyncratic rock band comprised of two Jewish sisters--Amy and Elizabeth Ziff, daughters of the late actor Irv Ziff--and Alyson Palmer, and African-American bass player. For fifteen years, this trio ahs weathered a rock-and-rollercoaster ride from a basement in Fairfax, VA, to cult diva status, and now they're telling all is this recent Off-Broadway hit that (in the words of the NY Times) combines "roadhouse rock and Broadway savvy." The band members portray themselves and perform their songs in the fast-paced tour of the band's history. The show features hilarious comic vignettes and songs that blend rock-n-roll with three part harmonies. Special Late Night Show: Saturday, April 2 at 10pm.

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