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Charlotte’s Web begins when Fern rescues the runt of the pig litter from her father’s axe. She names the tiny pig Wilbur and cares for him until he is big enough to go to the farm of Fern’s Uncle Homer Zuckerman. At Homer’s farm, Wilbur is confused, lonely and scared by the other animals until he meets a new friend, Charlotte A. Cavatica, a beautiful gray spider, who lives in the eaves above Wilbur’s pen. When Charlotte learns that Mr. Zuckerman is fattening up Wilbur to be slaughtered, she springs into action using her energy and ingenuity to spin mysterious words into her web. The news spreads across the countryside about “Zuckerman’s Famous Pig,” Wilbur becomes a celebrity and is spared. Through Charlotte, Wilbur learns the true meaning of friendship and salvation.

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Dates: Opening Night: March 6, 2004 Final Performance: March 27, 2004