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Cadillacs, caballeros, and some outrageous visitations combine for one spectacular birthday party with the West Coast premiere of the exuberant, rollicking new comedy, Sunsets and Margaritas, by José Cruz González. Gregorio Serrano has his hands full with his overly assimilated family. So when his father, Calendario crashes his cherished red Cadillac through the wall of his restaurant, it's pretty clear that it's time to settle papa into a senior living center. But is it just Papa Calendario, or is Gregorio's whole family spinning out of control? From his lesbian Republican daughter and her still unnamed infant daughter, to his wheel-chair bound, fashion designing, Chicano activist son, to his own erratic visions of the Blessed Virgin and frequent episodes of hyperventilation that make paper bags a must-have accessory, maybe a little bit of "loco" runs in the family. Sunsets and Margaritas is a delightful comic confección with a heart of pure gold.

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