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It may be the 16th century, but these Aztecs is woke! After the Spanish set their sights on Mesoamerica and its riches, they will destroy anyone and anything that keeps them from conquering and claiming it all for themselves. But the Aztecs are like, "Hell, no!" Led by the unlikely duo of Colombina (a feminist warrior-rapper) and Pepe (a clown) — and empowered by a prophecy promising a new leader called the Great Brown Hope — they plot to overthrow their Spanish colonizers. Along the way, they collide with an evil viceroy, his inbred millennial daughter, and an absurd trio of singing Spanish inquisitors. Will the Aztec heroes win the day or get conquistadored by white people on boats?

This fresh, irreverent, and outrageous satirical musical comedy could only spring from the insanely hilarious and culturally savvy mind of John Leguizamo (who seriously schooled Berkeley Rep audiences with Latin History for Morons). With an energetic fusion of bolero, hip-hop, merengue, and rap, plus an uproarious mash-up of 16th-century and modern slang, Kiss My Aztec! celebrates, elevates, and commemorates Latinx culture.

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