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Set in a boys' home in South Carolina, Javon Johnson's Homebound is a play about four Black teenage boys, Spit, Smoke, Kane and Raymond, and their search for a place within the world. A true ensemble play, Homebound weaves the individual stories of these outcasts and creates a world with different rules, where we, the audience, are taken on a journey of self-determination. As we venture into this environment, of which most know nothing of, we understand that at the heart of all people are the same questions: who am I? And if I leave, will anyone notice? Through this captivating, funny and poignant dialogue, we witness the true nature and importance of fraternity, family and faith. Touching on subjects that are still taboo in the Black community such as incest, domestic violence, suicide, and atheism, Homebound proves to be an honest cathartic look into some of the horrors that plague juvenile delinquents.

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