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The desire for stability and a better way of life – the so-called “American Dream” – lives in all of us. Few works tap into that desire like John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Victoria Theatre Association and The Human Race Theatre Company will bring this American literary classic to life at The Loft Theatre, as part of The Loft Series 1.

Steinbeck’s poignant tale explores the life of itinerant farm workers as they struggle to escape their lonely, isolated existence and grab a piece of that elusive American Dream. For George Milton and his mentally impaired friend Lennie Small, the dream is a simple one – a farm of their own, where Lennie can tend the rabbits and the duo can live “off the fatta the land.” But the nature of their hardscrabble life on a California ranch keeps that dream perpetually out of reach.

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Dates: Opening Night: February 19, 2004 Final Performance: March 7, 2004