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With the last show of the season, we take a look at the reason for rhyme with the hip hop influenced, Rhyme Deferred by Kamilah Forbes, who asks the question; Is hip-hop all about high style–fast cars, ready women, flashy clothes? Or is it something deeper, something akin to jazz and spirituals and Shakespeare, a street-savvy, tradition-rich portal to the soul? This performance answers the question with a myth called “Rhyme Deferred,” which naturally argues for hip-hop’s higher purpose. Exaggerating good and evil doesn’t keep Forbes from making her case with flair in this poetic fairy tale, with a title based loosely on Langston Hughes and a storyline that takes riffs from the Cain and Abel story.

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Dates: Opening Night: June 1, 2012 Final Performance: June 16, 2012