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Eight plays by NYC playwright N. G. McClernan, all set in New York City: FOX FORCE FIVE Is Emily New York enough to get into Fox Force Five? Maybe crazy coked-up Jackie can help, in her own way. PERSONAL JESUS Mellow Jesus and Angry Jesus answer prayers - that are mutually exclusive. Only the power of a Zen koan can help them now. POOH STORY Two people. One sane, one not. A bench in Central Park. A story about a Bear of Very Little Brain. A parody of a classic American play. STAGE DIVING Stephanie's Mom has come along to a concert with her, which is bad enough, but then Mom wants to relive the Clash's 1981 London Calling tour by diving off the stage. THE B WORD Gerry and Sandy bicker about the dangers of city playgrounds and prejudice until some bad kids come by and steal their skateboards. MR BLACK Mr. Black has vowed to protect all abused creatures on Earth. His girlfriend is concerned where this will lead. HAPPILY MARRIED Kelly has had a crush on Ted, a cartoonist, for a long time. Now she has a chance to tell him what Hannah, his wife has been up to when she was supposed to be rehearsing. THE HELICOPTER Helen and Bob are so intent on learning who will be promoted that they don't pay attention to the unfolding tragedy downtown until Helen learns her daughter is involved. Box Office Hours: 1 hour before show time Appropriate For Ages: 12 and up

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