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On the eve of her 39th birthday, the Hausfrau collapses in the grocery store parking lot and awakens to an unexpected gift from her mother--the newly published autobiography of a high school classmate who is not a writer but a brain-damaged football player. Convinced her mother's present is the symbol of her own failure as a writer, the Hausfrau succumbs to exhausted delirium and finds herself face to face with Grandma Millie. Never mind that she's been dead for years, Grandma Millie explains her mission: to guide the Hausfrau on her own hero's journey (ála Joseph Campbell) and help her rediscover her adventures as a mother from a new point of view. We follow the Hausfrau, her husband, two children, and a host of other characters (all played by one actress) as she faces and overcomes each challenge on The Road of Trials. Finally, like all heroes, she must plunge into the inferno and face her own "regrettable parenting moments," like the tortures of hell, in order to emerge as a new kind of hausfrau, ready to fulfill her creative self. Turning the hero myth on its head by making the central character a middle-aged mom, the show pokes fun at all the mistakes parents make with an honest and irreverent humor. Over 100 original cartoon projections help tell the story and add an engaging visual layer that illuminates the text, much like a graphic novel.

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  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:White Plains Performing Arts Center, New York