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The Blind is an immersive audio/visual meditation journey adapted from Maurice Maeterlinck’s 19th century symbolist play Les Aveugles.
A community of sightless people who reside in a monastery are on a daily walk with their priest when they discover he has passed away as they rested in the deep forest. Reaching through darkness to find their way home, they struggle to assert their autonomy when faced with the paradox of uncertainty and agency.
This dream allegory of a leaderless people grappling with fears of a rapidly changing environment and an unknown future holds a timely mirror to our current economic and environmental crises amplified by a global pandemic.
Wearing headphones, audiences are immersed in a journey through the senses as a hypnotic and disorienting landscape of sound, object, light, animation and shadow puppetry invokes an intimate meditation on our current human condition.

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