About This Show

A celebration of original music on Long Island, the Patchogue Jam features five up-and-coming bands playing their own unique brands of music. The bands are: Miles to Dayton, The Kelly Project, Movement, Hydroyum, and Dynamic Stew.

Miles To Dayton is a folk-rock quintet who released their first independent album A Long Way Back in 2005 and are currently recording and mixing a follow up. This quintet from Centereach features electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, violin, cello and three part vocal harmonies.

The Kelly Project is a quintet featuring a jazz/rock sound with guitars, keyboards, horn, percussion and vocals. Their debut album Out There was released in 2005 and they are back in the studio recording again for a 4-song EP to be released in 2007.

Movement blends rock, blues, jazz, funk, reggae, bluegrass and techno into and original and innovative sound. Performing with intense energy, Movement’s guitar, bass and drum sound balances tight jams with thoughtful and powerful lyrics.

Hydroyum is an instrumental septet featuring guitars, bass, trumpet, sax and drums with a sound that is described on the band’s website as “as a sort of funk/jazz/rock/boogaloo/afrobeat type of thing from Patchogue.”

Dynamic Stew, an original funk and improvisional band, perform their music with vigorous ambition, surging their high energy funk into the audience from start to finish with instrumentation that features organ, saxophone, guitar, bass and drums.

Proceeds benefit the Live in the Lobby Concert Series.

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: January 20, 2007