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As Henry IV, Part One begins, England is aflame with Civil War. Henry IV, having ascended the throne in a rather questionable manner, is struggling to hold on to
his power, fighting a revolt led by Welshman Owen Glendower and the Percy clan. At the same time, he is trying to focus attention away from the illegitimacy of his rule by waging a holy war in a foreign land. Despite his maneuverings, he is soon besieged from all sides as he struggles to retain both his throne and his life. While the military and political machinations move forward, the action
continually shifts to the escapades of the young Prince Hal, the King’s son and the bane of his existence. Hal rejects his father and the duties of his family, preferring instead the raucous atmosphere of the tavern and the company of his
wastrel friends. Running on two parallel tracks, the stories slowly converge as Hal is drawn into his father’s struggles as enemies move ever closer and the future of a nation hangs in the balance.

Scheduled locations:
June 14 & 15: Central Park (69th Street & Central Park West)
June 21 & 22: Riverside Park (108th Street & Riverside Drive)
June 28 & 29: Riverside Park (108th Street & Riverside Drive)
July 12 & 13: Prospect Park (3rd Street & Prospect Park West in the Long Meadow)
July 19 & 20: Washington Market Park (Chambers Street & Duane Street)
July 26 & 27: Central Park (69th Street and Central Park West)

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Dates: Opening Night: June 14, 2003 Final Performance: July 27, 2003