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Written and performed by Kyra Miller
Presented in association with The Muse Project
Developed with Katie Pearl
Video consultant: Jeanette Yew
Puppets designed and built by Kyra Miller
Dollhouse set by Jei Olson

BlueBeardGasLight is very loosely based on a real-life married couple of folklorists and imagines a woman, accompanied in her work by her husband, suddenly doubting the bedrock of her marriage. As her suspicion and his secrecy begin to overwhelm her, her thinking about "BlueBeard" (the subject of her writing) begins to clarify. Alone in her children's abandoned nursery at night, she uses their toys and dolls to do "embodied research," exploring the murky emotional territory she cannot discuss with her husband. This work was originally incubated at the Muse Project (Jocelyn Kuritsky, artistic director).

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